Reduces pain in legs*

» VEINOPLUS® V.I. is a medical electro-stimulation device with therapeutic effects upon various symptoms of Venous Insufficiency. These effects have been demonstrated and documented in several clinical studies made since 2004 in France, UK, USA and Russia

» Over 150 000 people with venous problems in 40 countries have already chosen the technology VEINOPLUS® V.I.

Clinically proven efficacy

Reduces pain in legs*

  • Epidemiology
    Pain is the main complaint that leads to the diagnosis of venous disease and it has a significant impact on patient’s quality of life ( 1).
    According to a study conducted on 13 131 patients with probable venous disease, 73.7% of patients complain of painful legs and 33.1% of pain in the veins ( 2).
    There is no close relationship between pain as a symptom and the severity of venous disease. Patients with no venous insufficiency can feel painful sensations. (3 ).
  • Pathology
    Pain of venous origin is often multifaceted and is frequently associated with other unpleasant sensations, often difficult to describe, which do not belong to the range of symptoms of nociception, i.e., a sensation of heaviness, cramps, and tension in the legs, or pruritus (1).
    Pain mechanisms in venous disease are not yet fully understood. The hypothesis of a local inflammatory origin related to venous stasis is made.
  • Factors of Risk
    • Venous stasis (prolonged sitting or standing, periods of the menstrual cycle etc.)
    • Varicose
  • VEINOPLUS® Action
    • Reduction of venous stasis
    • Increase of venous return
    • Rapid reduction of pain and unpleasant sensations in legs
    • Improvement in QUALITY OF LIFE
    • Can be used by pregnant women (see VEINOPLUS® and pregnancy-related IV)
  • Clinical Data of VEINOPLUS®
    Several studies made on VEINOPLUS® have investigated the effect of the device on venous pain.

    Zucarrelli Study 40 CIVIQ Questionnaire -42%
    Le Tohic Study 58 CIVIQ Questionnaire -86%*
    Bogachev Study 30 Visual analogue scale -53%
    Users Study (4) 100 Phone investigation -85%

    CIVIQ : Chronic Venous Insufficiency Quality of Life Questionnaire

  • Instruction for use
    Apply an electrode on to each calf if the pain sensation is bilateral and both electrodes on the same calf if the pain sensation is unilateral. Do at least one session if painful sensations exist preferably in seated position.
    Setting of the device should be performed according to the patient tolerance

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(2) M. Cazaubon, J-C Kerihuel : Analyse des résultats de l’enquête DECIDE. Evaluation pragmatique des propriétés d’une grille d’aide au diagnostic de maladie veineuse chronique en médecine générale, Angéiologie, Avril 2010, vol.62, N°3.
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* On 21 patients suffering from moderate disorders.