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  • VEINOPLUS® V.I. is a medical electro-stimulation device with therapeutic effects upon various symptoms of Venous Insufficiency. These effects have been demonstrated and documented in several clinical studies  made since 2004 in France, UK, USA and Russia

  • Over 100 000 people with venous problems in 25 countries have already chosen the technology VEINOPLUS® V.I.
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I bought Veinoplus after a phlebitis and a pulmonary embolism, upon my angiologist advice, to use it during a 24h-long flight. The use of this device(20 minutes every 2h)was simple, convenient and effective. I did not have any blood circulation issue, nor heavy legs sensation. I recommend it for long-haul flights, for it makes you more sereine during the travel!*
*NB : using Veinoplus does not dispense from using prescribed thromboprophylaxis measures (Ad Rem Technology). (...)
By Ms. Clémentine M. - 10-03-2013
Thank you for a great product! It works immediately on the pains in my left leg, which has Post Thrombotic Syndrome. Together with the compression stocking it helps me manage the leg after a long day at work. I would say I am still able to work standing/sitting because of the Veinoplus that works problem-free in combination with traditional compression stockings. Best regards, Christian K. from Denmark. (...)
By Mr Christian K. - 28-05-2012
I am 31 year old and I have been using VEINOPLUS for 5 years, especially in Spring and Summer time when hot weather is coming. I am very satisfied with the device. I find that its efficacy is superior to the one of drugs which are by the way no more reimbursed. (...)
By Mrs Delphine L. - 25-05-2011
Veinoplus is satisfying for my venous insufficiency symptoms when I use it regularly. (...)
By Ms. Odette R. - 25-05-2011
Hi, I have been using the small device for a few years now and I very happy with it. 5 years ago, I had a laser surgery for my circulation system problems. The operation was unsuccessful and I got complications: recurrence haematomas… Veinoplus gave me a great relief. It relieved heavy legs; It gives me a real comfort, after a day of work improved my venous circulation as said my phlebologists. I often use it in summer or during long-haul flights. Small, easy to use, I really recommend it for all people that have circulatory troubles. I can not do without it.
Best regards,
Sylvie D. (...)
By Mrs Sylvie D. - 25-05-2011
I used Veinoplus in a preventive treatment way only and I felt since 2 years a significant relief.
G.L. (...)
By Mr L. GĂ©rard - 25-05-2011
Veinoplus is a small device, easy to use, handy and not bulky. It can be used at home or when travelling. After a 20 minutes session, legs become light and it is very pleasant to feel the muscles working in relaxing. The device is also effective for a long car journey or a long-haul flight.
Best regards,
Danielle M. (...)
By Miss Eliette Godiard - 25-05-2011
My father is 79 years old. He uses VEINOPLUS® since 2 years for its night cramps symptoms and a muscular atrophy. He felt a real relief thanks to the device. (...)
By Mrs Liliane H. - 25-02-2010
I am using Veinoplus since 1 year, May to September and I am very satisfied with it. I use it once time a day every day, especially in the evening because hot weather makes my ankles swell.
A.G. (...)
By Mrs A. G. - 22-01-2010
I am 57 years old and employed as a shop assistant. I spend most of the day on my feet and I have re-occurring heavy leg troubles, particularly in summer. I discovered Veinoplus by chance 5 or 6 years ago and I assure you that it has saved me a lot of money that I would have otherwise spent on vascular medication. (Medications that are no longer refunded by social security). Veinoplus brought a significant improvement if not completely removed my leg troubles! Therefore I want to conclude that Veinoplus should be declared as a very useful tool in treatment and should be covered by social security!! (...)
By Mrs Martine L. - 17-12-2009
I am very satisfied by the Veinoplus. It resolved my heavy leg troubles.
By Ms Annie T. - 17-12-2009
During my pregnancy I used the device everyday. Now I use it mostly in the summer because I have heavy and painful legs. This is a nice invention. Thanks Veinoplus. (...)
By Mrs Audrey D. - 03-12-2009
Veinoplus brought me a real beneficial effect. I am using it regularly during 3 weeks followed by a few days of rest and then I begin again the Veinoplus sessions during 3 weeks and so on. Despite my 80 years of age, I have felt a deep relief and I have regained lightness in my legs forgotten a long time ago. All my gratefulness to Veinoplus.
H. B.
By Mrs Henriette B. - 03-12-2009
I bought Veinoplus just before the summer and I am very satisfied. Sincerely, I did not expect such a spectacular result. Easy to use and non restrictive. I use the Veinolus every day in the evening raising the height of my legs. My legs are light and I much less suffer from them. I recommend it without hesitation.
By Mrs Stéphanie G. - 02-12-2009
I have used Veinoplus since 4 years and I am very satisfied with it. I am 60. I am athletic and a grandmother even if this last activity is not sufficient to make me feel « good in my legs ». Your Veinoplus gives me a great feeling of lightness when I am travelling in a long-haul aircraft, after standing stationary without moving, especially in hot place. Moreover, this device is very easy to use.
Best regards,
N. Catherine (...)
By Mrs N. Catherine - 02-12-2009
Since a few years I regularly use the Veinoplus and it brings me a great relief. I advice it for every person that has difficulty to walk. It is good to use it when travelling or after a long hours of hike. The device brings only beneficial effects. Thanks to all Veinoplus team who has made this device.
Best regards, Dominique Jaffre.
By Mr Dominique J. - 01-12-2009
I really appreciate using Veinoplus in extended sessions, when travelling… The specificity of use for heavy legs is also something very interesting because it is the only one to do that in comparison with the multiple tasks of similar devices that are more expensive.
Thank you Veinoplus
J-E M. (...)
By Mr Jean-Edouard M. - 01-12-2009
I am 39, have 2 children and since my last pregnancy I am suffering of circulatory problems: oedemas, redness (flush) and restless leg feelings. I am very athlectic and despite of a good hygienic lifestyle, no treatment until now has succeeded to relieve my pains. Since one year I use the Veinoplus every day, in the evening before sleeping and I feel a great relief. It soothes my heavy legs, calms the pains and let me find a restful sleep again. I recommend it! (...)
By Mr R.K. Lyly - 27-11-2009
Veinoplus is a small device, easy to use, handy and not bulky. It can be used at home or when travelling. After a 20 minutes session, legs become light and it is very pleasant to feel the muscles working in relaxing. The device is also effective for a long car journey or a long-haul flight.
Best regards, Danielle M. (...)
By Mrs Danielle M. - 27-11-2009
Veinoplus is very useful. As a bookseller, I am standing almost all the day and Veinoplus brings me relaxation and rest. I regard your client service skills and I am grateful to you.
Best regards,
Madame B. (...)
By Mrs B. - 23-11-2009
Hello, I use Veinoplus since October 2005. Having a varicose vein in the right leg, I had to have an operation in November 2006. I have seen a phlebologist who assested that the operation was not required since I use Veinolus every day. I put a 9/10 mark on Veinoplus because it is a real relief for heavy legs. I recommend it.
Jean-François J. (...)
By Mr Jean-François J. - 23-11-2009
I have been using my Veinoplus since 2 years and I noticed a significant improvement regarding all the troubles caused by a bad venous return. Besides, after a 20 minute session I can feel an immediate comfort and a great relaxation. I am very happy to have this device and I recommended it to every person that has these health problems.
Muriel P. (...)
By Ms Muriel P. - 20-11-2009
Dear Veinoplus team, I am using Veinoplus since 6 or 7 months. I have a venous insufficiency therefore I have swelled feet and legs this is why I am wearing compression socks. I really want to testify and say that Veinoplus gives me more by giving me less (swelling). Thanks to Veinoplus.
Best regards. Madame Louisa M.
By Mrs Louisa M. - 16-11-2009
I am 73 years old and I regularly have night’s cramps 4 to 5 times a night so that I did not dare to move my legs anymore. I am using Veinoplus for more than a year and my cramps have completely disappeared and I can sleep again.
Thanks to Veinoplus. (...)
By Mr Raymond G. - 05-11-2009
By Mrs Louisa M.
Dear Veinoplus team, I am using Veinoplus since 6 or 7 months. I have ...
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