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  • VEINOPLUS® V.I. is a medical electro-stimulation device with therapeutic effects upon various symptoms of Venous Insufficiency. These effects have been demonstrated and documented in several clinical studies  made since 2004 in France, UK, USA and Russia

  • Over 100 000 people with venous problems in 25 countries have already chosen the technology VEINOPLUS® V.I.
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Electrostimulation with Veinoplus® for the Treatment of Chronic Venous Edema
Bogachev V. Y., Golovanova O.V., Kuznietzov A.H., Stchekoian A.O.
* Medical University of Russia Department of Angiology and Vascular Medicine - Moscow, RUSSIA
  Electrostimulation with VEINOPLUS ® has emerged recently as a new technique to activate calf muscle pump and improve the symptoms of venous disease.

The objective of this study was to determine, in patients with chronic venous edema, VEINOPLUS® treatment efficacy in reducing evening edema, decreasing pain, improving quality of life and also to assess the durability of the treatment and its impact on venous hemodynamics.
  30 patients (32 legs) aged 19-50 years (mean 45.2 ± 1.3) stage C3 (CEAP classification) with chronic evening venous edema were included in the study (22 legs: C3SEp and 10 legs: C3EsPr). All patients were treated with the neuromuscular stimulator VEINOPLUS® (CE-marked Medical Device) for 30 days: 3 sessions per day (each session lasting 20 minutes) for 10 days, then two sessions per day for 10 days and one session per day for 10 days.

Major criterion for evaluation was the perimeter of the tibia above the malleolus measured with a meter at night before treatment, every day for the duration of treatment and 5 days after the end of treatment.

Secondarily, patients were evaluated on days 0 and 35 with respect to pain (visual analog scale), Quality of Life (questionnaire CIVIQ) and the time of venous reflux by photoplethysmography

Three months after treatment, evaluation of these symptoms was repeated. No other means of treatment or prophylaxis was used.
  VEINOPLUS® treatment was well tolerated by patients. No subject discontinued the study and patients have not changed their lifestyle.
After treatment, a total or partial reduction of edema of the evening was demonstrated for 93.8% of legs, the perimeter of the tibia above the malleolus decreased by 20.3mm (p <0.001), the score of leg pain was reduced from 28 to 12 and the severity score decreased from 8.3 ± 1.1 to 3.8 ± 0.9 points (p <0001), Quality of Life has improved significantly, in fact, the score decreased from 34.5 ± 7.8 points to 17.2 ± 4.6 (p <0.001) and venous filling time increased from 17.3 ± 0.9 to 21.5 ± 1.1 second (p <0.001).
Three months after treatment with VEINOPLUS®, a complete remission of symptoms was observed in 50% of legs in the absence of other treatments.
  Stimulation VEINOPLUS ® is a method of treatment of venous insufficiency effective and well tolerated for chronic edema, pain reduction and improvement of Quality of Life.
VEINOPLUS ® can be used as an additional means in the treatment and prevention of symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency.
The study also found that stimulation of the calf muscles with VEINOPLUS® can improve venous hemodynamics resulting in remission of symptoms. This result should be studied and confirmed in future studies.
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Electrostimulation with Veinoplus® for the Treatment of Chronic Venous Edema
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